Rain, Rain, Go Away!

cloudssunHave you ever left your house on a sunny 75 degree day only to watch dark storm clouds rolling in during the middle of your errands? Have you ever tried to plan ahead, hoping to get your grocery shopping done before a huge storm only to hear the crackle of lightening, rumble of thunder,

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Copper River Salmon

copper river salmon #festfoods

The Copper River Salmon season opener is coming up and we can’t wait!

What’s the Big Deal about Copper River Salmon?

One taste of this firm red fish, with its rich and nutty flavor, and you will understand why seafood lovers relish the three to four weeks that fresh Copper River salmon is available

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Spring Recipe Ideas

spring recipes

After a long winter it looks like Spring might have finally arrived! To get in the mood I like to decorate my house with fresh flowers and get the herb garden started. Spring is the time of year there is hope! Hope for new life and good things to come. Speaking of good things, it’s

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Eat Well Wednesday: Open-faced Tuna Melt

open faced tuna melt #festfoodsI don’t know about you, but this crazy weather has got me inside with a warm drink and my favorite show on Netflix®. Until I am certain that winter is gone for good, I’m not getting my hopes up by bringing out the spring recipes just yet. For the time being, as

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Egg & Ham Muffin Melts

egg ham muffin melts #festfoods

Happy Easter! I hope your weekend has been full of quality time with family, hunting for treat-filled baskets, and of course Easter egg decorating! Every spring this ritual of dipping pearly white eggs into vibrant colors of the rainbow gets me excited about the signs of spring to come. But,

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Our Famous RIB COOKOUT is back!

ribcookoutIt has been a long, cold spring so let’s heat things up with some saucy ribs hot off the grill.

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The Dietitian’s Top Pick: Hodgson Mill® Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Hodgson Mill® Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancake Mix #festfoodsDo you have any special Easter traditions? In my family, we all search for our baskets filled with chocolate and candy, followed by a great big Easter brunch complete with classic breakfast foods, like bacon, eggs and pancakes. When it’s time to whip up pancakes,

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Remembering Victor

Our Festival family is saddened by the recent loss of our friend and fellow associate Victor Montoya. Victor worked the meat service case for more than 16 years, most recently at our Green Bay East store but also serving guests at the West Mason store for many years as well. Much like our icon-status associate Marty Matchey at the Onalaska meat service case, Victor was well known and always willing

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites

chocolate chip cookie bites #festfoods

We all need a little sweet treat every once in a while, right?! Especially at this time of year, when family and friends are gathering for Easter, Mother’s Day, and the first grill-outs of the season, it’s nice to have a quick and easy dessert recipe tucked away in your back pocket:

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Eat Well Wednesday: Broccoli, Ham & Cheese Quiche

broccoli ham & cheese quiche #festfoods

With Easter right around the corner, I have eggs on the brain. Of course, we always think of eggs around Easter because kids are coloring and decorating them for their baskets. Another great way to use eggs this time of year is to make a tasty main

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