The Dietitian’s Top Pick: Eggland’s Best® Eggs


We’re unscrambling the facts about eggs this week! Eggs are considered to be the gold standard for protein. The egg is also a powerhouse of disease-fighting nutrients. While all eggs are super nutritious, some egg varieties have better nutritional profiles than others.

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Eat Well Wednesday: Italian Sausage & Pasta Stew

Italian Sausage & Pasta Stew #festfoods

When the weather turns cold, I instantly crave wholesome soups and stews! What better way to give in to that craving than with a robust sausage and pasta stew? It has all of the necessary components for a one-dish meal, including zesty Italian sausage coins, hearty russet potatoes, soft bow tie pasta and fresh zucchini. It

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Almond-Cinnamon Rolls with Date Filling


I loved waking up to the smell of my mom’s cinnamon rolls as a kid. Since I am feeling nostalgic, I decided to recreate my childhood treat, only this time I am using almond flour! I absolutely love the nutty taste and crispy texture these rolls get when baked! And if that isn’t enough, I am using chewy dates and cinnamon

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The Dietitian’s Top Pick: McCormick® Recipe Inspirations

McCormick®-Recipe-Inspirations School is back in session, and life is busy again with an assortment of activities. Do you ever find yourself in need of a quick and simple way to get dinner on the table? If so, it’s time to get inspired with this week’s pick, McCormick® Recipe Inspirations!

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Eat Well Wednesday: Almond-Chicken Pear Salad


Searching for a delicious fall salad? Look no further than this Almond-Chicken Pear Salad! This salad is perfect for a quick dinner or a superfast, healthy lunch. It pairs crispy, sweet pears with crunchy, nutty almonds, juicy chicken breast and tangy mustard-yogurt dressing! No matter when you eat it, you will love the freshness, texture and flavor. With plenty of fiber,

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Chicken Sausage and Gnocchi Skillet with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil


Some days I am just too busy to make a meal that takes more than a few minutes. Luckily, I found an amazing skillet recipe that takes less than 15 minutes to prepare, and provides huge flavor. This one-dish meal is high fiber, whole wheat gnocchi, protein-packed chicken sausage and loads of fresh tomatoes. So when I’m in a pinch and

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Eat Well Wednesday: Infused Iced Tea Recipes + GIVEAWAY!

Infused Iced Tea Recipes + GIVEAWAY! #festfood

It never fails that as soon as school starts up for the year, the hot summer weather sneaks back in! Warm days always call for a cool, refreshing drink, so today we’re sharing not one but TWO delicious Lipton® Iced Tea recipes with you! Instead of sipping on sugary sodas or juice drinks, opt for

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The Dietitian’s Top Pick: Lipton® Iced Black Tea + GIVEAWAY!


With the kids back in school, are you looking for a simple weeknight dinner meal idea? Festival’s got you covered this week with our family-friendly Sweet and Sloppy Joes Eat Well Ad! In order to keep some summertime flare in this comfort food recipe, I’m pairing my Sloppy Joe with this week’s pick, Lipton® Iced Black Tea!

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Sweet and Sloppy Joes + GIVEAWAY!

Sweet and Sloppy Joes #festfoods

There is nothing I love more than taking a traditional recipe and giving it a little makeover to enhance the flavor and keep my family excited about mealtime! Today I am making Sloppy Joes, but am adding a sweet and smokey twist. And this recipe still embraces the best part of a Sloppy Joe – the sloppy

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Who is the Best Bagger of Them All?!

best bagger #festfoods

Congratulations to the finalists from our recent Market Bag-Off Competition!

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