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A New & Improved Bagging Style


Our checkouts have changed…again! If you are a frequent shopper, you might have noticed the newest addition to improve your overall check out experience, the white roll bag! The roll bags are conveniently located right above the yellow bag stands. These bags can be used to separate multiple items in one bag or just as a mini plastic bag for guests purchasing only one or two items. They are easily accessible to guests who prefer to bag their own groceries as well.

bagsAll of our baggers went through a training course to learn about the purpose of these bags and how to incorporate the roll bags into their current bagging style while still being efficient. We are bagsencouraging baggers to primarily use the bags for meat. As many of us know, different types of meat (think raw hamburger, turkey, deli cold cuts) should be bagged separately from each other. Prior to installing these new bags, baggers were sometimes using 3-4 plastic bags just to keep meat separate. With this new and improved style of bagging, each type of meat can go in a small white bag, and then it can all go into one yellow bag.

Baggers have also been encouraged to use the roll bags for health and beauty items, cleaners, and other various household supplies. We typically do not put items like shampoo, dish soap, sun screen, or bleach in bags with food. In fact, during training, the general rule of thumb all baggers learn is “If it doesn’t go in your mouth, it doesn’t belong in a bag with food!” However, now that we have roll bags, items like these can go in a roll bag, then go in a paper or plastic bag with boxes or cans.

bagsWe believe this is a more logical style of bagging. Most guests purchase a wide variety of items during their weekly grocery trip. Now, we can condense orders by about 2-3 bags, which saves on the cost of bags, and also results in fewer bags for guests to carry and unload when they get home! We hope you appreciate this new and improved bagging style and continue doing your grocery shopping with Festival Foods!

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3 comments to A New & Improved Bagging Style

  • avatar Ellen Ceason

    This is a very innovative addition to Festival Foods check out. We pay by the bag to dispose of our trash and this should help diminish the amount of plastic yellow bags we dispose of. Thank you again for a great idea.

  • avatar Sandy Holewinski

    Ellen, Why throw your plastic away when you can recycle them at Festival for free? Just another service Festival provides for their customer.

  • avatar Char

    This is another great idea for the bring in your own bags to keep items separate and also from leaking into you cloth bags……..Festvial just keeps getting better, and can’t imagine on how they could get any better !!! Thanks!

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