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Lambeau Field – New and Improved

Football season is officially underway! Construction on the south end zone of Lambeau Field is complete and it is incredible. I am proud and excited that Festival Foods was able to partner with the Packers organization for naming rights on part of that newly created space in the stadium. Seats in the Festival Foods MVP Deck will be used by the Packers organization for their sponsors who receive tickets to home games as part of their sponsorship.

I admit that while I was born and raised in Wisconsin, I hadn’t gone to many Packers games prior to moving to Green Bay from Marshfield back in 1995. I can remember thinking that Lambeau Field was so cool, so big, so clean, and generally the perfect football venue. Over the years the Packers organization and Brown County have done a great job investing in the facility to maintain its status as one of the ultimate outdoor stadiums in the NFL. While it might not be as grand as Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, there is nothing like a Packers game at Lambeau Field in September!

And nothing goes better with a great game of football than tailgating! Back in ’95 I did my fair share of tailgating and packing up the grill and cooler for the pregame ritual was something I looked forward to. I was also quite a bit younger then and the sub-freezing temperatures didn’t seem to deter our enthusiasm for tailgating or sitting on those metal bleach seats in the stadium during the game. Tailgating is alive and well in Green Bay today, with unbelievable crowds gathering all around Lambeau Field on game days to enjoy brats, burgers, fun and camaraderie.

One of my favorite lines is “only wet babies like change” but in the case of the Lambeau Field facilities improvements and the opportunity it created for us with the Festival Foods MVP Deck in the new south end zone, I must say I like this change! Go Pack Go!

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6 comments to Lambeau Field – New and Improved

  • avatar James Bennett

    I was just wondering if the deck is enclosed or not, as we won seats in 644, and it would be helpful to know what we need to wear for the weather. Thank you.

  • The seats are outdoors but right behind the seats is a heated food and beverage area that is for the mvp seat holders only. They can stay inside and watch the entire game on the TV’s if they want and also see out the glass to parts of the game. Easy to go outside but come back in to stay warm at any time. You may want to check the Packers website for additional details on your seat. Enjoy!

  • avatar Diane Melnyk

    Just wondering if I could purchase tickets for the Festival Foods MVP Deck? That would be the most fantastic experience for this huge Packer fan!!!

  • We do not have tickets although it is a part of our sponsorship and named after us. Please contact Ticketmaster or the Packers to see about tickets.

  • avatar DGonzales

    My wife won tickets for Festival foods MVP Deck. We are vacation for that week. Can we give our tickets to our son and his wife.

  • Great question! That would absolutely work.

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