Fall Has Fallen!

With summer in our rear view mirror our produce departments have turned their attention to fall and our fall items.

We are busy preparing for our 18th Annual Pumpkin Blowout; this is my favorite event and also my favorite day of the year because I get to spend the day outside working and interacting with all our guests.  Some years it is cold and rainy and other years I come home with a sunburn but every year is always exciting!   It is great to see all the families enjoying themselves and watching the kids have so much fun with all the activities.


Pumpkins arrive by the truckload! This was last year at our Darboy location

What can you expect this year during Pumpkin Blowout at Festival Foods?   


You can expect to see 1000’s of beautiful pumpkins at each store, all grown in Wisconsin by local farmers.  There will also be corn stalks, straw bales, mini pumpkins, gourds, pie pumpkins, white pumpkins, painted pumpkins and fall floral arrangements for sale.

We are not stopping at just pumpkins and decorations.  We will also have free apple cider and lots of goodies from our Bakery.   The kids can bounce in the free inflatables, play games and win fun prizes!

Playing games in De Pere

Playing games in De Pere

Cookies, caramel apples, and more from our Bakery

Cookies, caramel apples, and more from our Bakery

Some locations will offer face painting

Some locations will offer face painting

Bins FULL of fantastic pumpkins and inflatables for the kids will be back again this year!

Bins FULL of fantastic pumpkins and inflatables for the kids will be back again this year!

You will find more details in our newspaper ad and on  Come on out and enjoy the Original Pumpkin Blowout! 

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14 comments to Fall Has Fallen!

  • avatar Karin

    How much are the pumpkins? It would be nice to see that somewhere on your website.

  • Karen that is a closely guarded secret by the Produce Team until Saturday. We will have it in our newspaper ad an online Saturday morning. We also will have some great coupons good for Saturday also. We hope you and your family come out to enjoy all the fun activities rain or shine. Oct. 5th 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Jacque

  • avatar Peg

    Will you be having 50 pound bags of potatoes again this year? I have been watching your ads but have not seen anything yet.

  • Yes our produce departments will have the 50# bags of potatoes, you may want to call to verify your location received them. You can also reserve and pick up during your next shopping trip. We no longer have the big onion/potato sale so they are not featured in the ads. Thanks for shopping with us at Festival Foods.

  • avatar Amy

    Will the Holmen location have the variety of pumpkins on Saturday that the La Crosse Copland has (now)?

  • Amy each store ordered according to sales in previous years. I know they are still arriving at most stores. But I cannot guarantee that the 4 La Crosse area stores will have the same amount or the same activities for the family on Saturday. Enjoy! Jacque

  • avatar jh

    I went last year,the pumpkins are no more than $2.00 a piece for any size

  • The prices will depend on location and how much we had to pay the local farmers for the pumpkins this year. Prices at Pumpkin Blow Out are the best prices of the season. Come out and enjoy this event rain or shine! Jacque

  • avatar billiejo

    will they have the jumpy house in manitowoc

  • avatar Sal

    I know the Holmen store has had a great selection in the past and there are many pallets of pumpkins behind the store,so I am sure you will find one that fits your needs.

  • Yes we will have piles and piles!! Come out and enjoy the fun. Jacque

  • They will have an inflatable – I do not know if you will have the house, slide or something else for the kids to bounce on. But fun for the whole family. Feel free to share some pictures on our Facebook page. Jacque

  • avatar Layla

    What time does it start please?

  • Starts at 8 a.m. and goes to 5 p.m. rain or shine. (While supplies last). See you there. Jacque

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